B.B. King

Birth Name
Riley B. King
Date of Birth
16 September 1925
Birth Town
Itta Bena, Mississippi, United States of America

Originally started as a disc jockey in Memphis, Tennessee before he rise to fame as an R&B and blues guitarists.

National Inheritance

The son of Albert Lee and Nora Ella King. B.B King grew up singing in choirs as a child where he mastered basic guitar chords from a preacher who was also his uncle. He was known to always play religious music at the church corner where he earned a lot from.

During his time as a disc jockey, he was nicknamed “the Beale Street Blues Boy” which was later abbreviated to “B.B,” just around this time in 1949 he released his very first record.

He signed with ABC Records in 1962. In 1965, he released his benchmark blues concert album Live at the Regal, in 1969 “The Thrill is Gone,” which was his biggest hit single was released. B.B. King set the pace for bluesmen as he became the first in 1979 to tour the Soviet Union. He also made several appearances on network television as he entered the pop mainstream in Las Vegas, Nevada. He found commercial songs due to several collaborations he made with other renowned artists like; Elton John, Eric Clapton, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, and Van Morrison.

In 2016, B.B. King secured a Grammy Award for the best traditional blues album, he picked up the award consecutively for decades. That same year, he also received a presidential medal of honor from President W. Bush. B.B. King opened his museum in 2008, which was dedicated to his music, and the music which influenced his growing up.

In the 1970s he went for many tours and concerts, he was vibrant all through till 1980s when it dropped due to his health issues. At the age of 89 in October 2014, he fell during a performance onstage at Chicago’s House of Blues and most of his upcoming gigs had to be cancelled.

He then passed away while in his sleep on May 14, 2015, in Las Vegas. But his musical legacy still lived on.

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