Brendon Batson

Birth Name
Brendon Martin Batson
Date of Birth
6 February 1953
Birth Town
Saint George’s, Grenada

The final third of English football’s famously dubbed ‘The Three Degrees’ and among the first crop of pioneers to pave the way for the modern day black footballer.

Born in Grenada and moved to England as a child with his youthful innocence naive to what he’d later on experience culturally. Brendon’s footballing talent was noticed as a schoolboy in which he went on to fulfill his potential becoming a professional in the sport.

He teamed up with Cyrille Regis and Laurie Cunningham at West Bromwich Albion whom together bore the brunt of racial hatred silencing critics on the football pitch making Albion one of the most attacking and exciting teams whilst opening doors for today’s black footballers.

National Inheritance


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