Birth Name
James Cleveland Owens
Date of Birth
12 September 1913
Birth Town
Oakville, Alabama, United States of America

A sprint and long jump specialist known in his lifetime as “supposedly” the most famous and greatest athlete in the history of track and field. He set a world record and another three, all in an hour at the 1935 big ten track competition in Ann, Michigan, USA. Something that has never been done before, and it was said to be the greatest 45 minutes in the history of the sport.

National Inheritance

Jesse Owen acheived international fame during the 1936 summer Olympics in Germany by securing four gold medals: 4×100 meters relay, 100 meters, 200 meters, and long jump. He became the most successful athlete at the Games, and as a dark-skinned man, he was credited with personally breaking Hitler’s myth of Aryan dominance” although he was not welcomed to the white house to exchange gestures with the president.

The Jesse Owens award is a USA track and field highest encomium for years best track and field athlete. The ESPN rated Owen as one of the greatest North American athlete that ever existed in the 20th century and the best rated in his sport. In the year 1999, he was nominated on the six-man list for the BBC’s sports icon of the century.

Owen once said that the secret behind his achievement was “I let my feet stay as little time as possible on the ground.” From the air, quickly down and from the base or ground, up rapidly.

Jessie Owens got home from the Olympics in 1936 with four gold medals to his name and international fame, but there was no assurance for the future. Racism was the order of the day in the United States, and it became difficult for him to secure a job. He took on domestic jobs as an attendant at a gas station, playground janitor and was in charge of a dry cleaning company. He also raced for cash against horses and amateur. He tried to bolster in his stats at amateur sporting, but commercial offers failed him. He briefly worked with a twelve number band under a legal note with consolidated artists, but he could not find joy in it. A friend Willis Ward brought Jesse to Detroit to become a Ford motor company assistant personnel director. He became a director where he was working until 1946. Owens was a Vice President of a new baseball negro league. He was the owner of the setup.

Initially, Owens declined to endorse the black power hail by African-American sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s during the 1968 summer Olympics. He said to them:

The black fist is a meaningless and powerless symbol. When it is open, there are nothing but fingers- empty and weak fingers. The only time a black man’s fist is significant is when he has money inside of it. That’s where the power is.

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